This is a Christian transformational community development project in which SALT, Inc. is in partnership with the leadership and people of Kisalaya, RAAN (Regional Autonomous area of the North Atlantic) Nicaragua.  This is located along the Rio Coco, the river border between Nicaragua and Honduras. 


  • Assisting in the development of community leadership.
  • Assisting in the development of a strategic plan for self-sufficiency.
  • Assisting in the development of financial management and economics.
  • Assisting in the development of a viable loan structure program to create business.
  • Assisting in the development of basic community needs including clean water, health care, energy, communication, education and job training.
  • Creating and providing consistent opportunities where people can encounter the living God and other Christians to:
    • Come into a personal relationship with Christ
    • To grow life-long in that relationship
    • To be equipped to share the Gospel in order to bless others in their people group in other villages.


Mel Menker and Ben Friend returned from the meetings with the leadership in the remote Nicaraguan community of Kisalaya.  Mike Jones is remained on site for another week to provide support to the community as needed.  The results were astounding as God moved in mighty ways to begin the process of Christ-centered community development in Kisalaya.  The outgoing and incoming leaders agreed to the first three phases of the process that they have selected to meet the needs of their people.  Only God can create that kind of harmony!

The first phase is to secure an emergency shipment of bean seeds for planting by the first portion of December as beans must be planted in December and no later than January 20 of each year.  Each family is required, as part of their culture, to plant their own crop of beans.  Beans will need to be distributed to the 301 households. 

Mike Jones will return to Kisalaya in December to working with the planting.  The cost of the purchase of beans is $10,600, including shipping.  God has blessed us with gifts totaling $18,490 to date.  Mike Jones will be on site for the distribution of the beans and the establishment of the beginning of the community cooperative related to the planting and harvesting of the beans. The additional monies are designated for well installations.  This year people are in a serious state of hunger as all of their crops have been consumed and food supplies are very low.  In addition, the unemployment is probably closer to 95% or higher due to the economy of the area.  Please pray for planting of the bean seeds.


The second phase is the development of clean water resources.  Previous western nations have constructed shallow wells in the community but without involving the local people.  All of these wells have deteriorated and are no longer functional.  The local people were never taught how to build, maintain and/or repair them.  Their current primary source is an underground stream that comes out of the ground at the contaminated river, which is not a reliably safe source of clean water.  We will be working side-by-side with the leaders and people of Kisalaya to construct a deep well water system that can provide consistently clean and safe water.  This project will take some time and, in the end, the local people will have helped build it and will know how to maintain, repair and regularly test the quality of the water. 

The third phase is increased food production.  This may include expanding the amount of crops raised annually, developing a strong cooperative program, and adding in stronger animal husbandry components to reduce the hunger caused by not having predictable year-round food supplies.  This may also include the development of a cash crop to raise money for the community needs of its families.  This, too, will take time.

We will be working side-by-side with these wonderful people one phase at a time.  Our plan is to fully complete each phase, which means that it must be fully operational and the people fully competently in charge before moving onto the next phase if possible.  However, we recognize there may be some overlap because of the extreme needs.  As we enter into the third phase, the leaders will be asked to again discern the next needs of the community and prioritize them.  Once they have provided direction for us, the side-by-side work arrangement will continue.  Our estimate is that we will be directly involved in this partnership for 10 years or longer.  It’s about a long-term relationship and not the typical in-and-out projects.

In addition, we are already sharing with the Miskito people as to how God is already moving through our joint work together.  Our work also includes plans to assist the six local pastors in their personal spiritual development, as they have had little to no formal training, and to assist them in preparing their congregants to grow spiritually so as to be able to share the Gospel within their people group.  There are approximately 100,000 persons in the Miskito people group.  It is estimated that 80,000 are currently unreached, as many of the 125 villages up and down the Rio Coco have no church and/or no Christians in their communities.  

Please keep all this in prayer as God has clearly moved for all to agree as to the steps we are getting ready to take.  Through this, many will see the mighty power of God and He will receive the honor and glory He so rightly deserves.  He cares about His people and will provide for the plans He is unfolding today.



Teams are scheduled to travel to Kisalaya in January, 2015, and April, 2015.  Plans are being planned for teams to go three times each year (January, April and September).  Mike Jones will be traveling in December as previously mentioned.

In addition, it is the plan for SALT, Inc. to place a couple, family or individual on site full-time within the next 6-12 months to deepen the relationship with the people and to provide a ready contact for the tribal community.  This will include the raising of funds to accommodate this.  The community of Kisalaya has approached us about constructing a home for an on-site family that would also include extra sleeping areas for visiting teams.


SALT, Inc. "To know the will of God, we need an open Bible and an open map." — William Carey