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The average income for a working adult in Waspam, Nicaragua is $1 per day!

That is about $260/year. That is almost HALF the average monthly car payment in the United States. Or one-third the average monthly grocery bill for a family of four.

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In Waspam, Nicaragua $1 will buy ONE of the following:

 Four eggs, less than one-half gallon of drinking water, 3 pounds of red beans, 1 kilowatt of electricity (for one hour, lighting ten 100W bulbs, one-fourth gallon of gasoline, or one-sixth of the cost of a doctor’s visit

Comfortably Numb

I picked the title “Awake” (for the book I wrote) because I was really beginning to wonder and question if we are living our lives fully awake to the needs of the world, or are we almost asleep.  Are we becoming numb to things like that?  Living in America, can we really understand the issues facing our world today?  Do we really understand poverty? Do we understand hunger, not having access to clean water?  Do we understand issues like AIDS? Can we really wrap our arms around that?  I wrote this book because I believe because too many of us are living our lives completely unaffected by the needs of the world.  I mean, we live a quality of life the rest of the world cannot even imagine.  We have parents.  We have families. We have food, clothes, clean water and access to health care.  And, when you really think about it, we may not have every single thing we want in life, but we do have everything that we need. But the reality is over one billion people in the world don’t live like we do.  And I really believe that where you live should no longer determine if you live.

Noel Brewer Yeatts – Missionary  

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