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The average income for a working adult in Waspam, Nicaragua is $1 per day!

That is about $260/year. That is almost HALF the average monthly car payment in the United States. Or one-third the average monthly grocery bill for a family of four.

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In Waspam, Nicaragua $1 will buy ONE of the following:

 Four eggs, less than one-half gallon of drinking water, 3 pounds of red beans, 1 kilowatt of electricity (for one hour, lighting ten 100W bulbs, one-fourth gallon of gasoline, or one-sixth of the cost of a doctor’s visit

Boring, Safe or Significant?  

Do we want to stay safe or do we want to change the world?  That’s the question we must each ask ourselves because we really can’t have it both ways.  Now, I wish I was the kind of person that never worried or that or I never get scared no matter what I’m doing but I’m not that kind of person.  I do worry and I do get scared.  I have a friend, Anita, who moved to Haiti all by herself as a single young woman to help meet the needs of Haiti’s children.  And she told me once, she said, “People think I can do what I do because I’m not afraid.”  She said, “They’re wrong.  I just do it afraid.”  You see, I think if we want to escape a really boring, safe life, we are going to have to take risks.  And there are going to be times when we’re scared.  But, in order to change the world, in order to really make a difference, we can’t let our fears hold us back.  We just need to do it afraid.

Written by Noel Brewer Yeatts - Missionary

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